Policies & Procedures

Policies and Procedures
for IMPART’s Psychic, Medium, and Healer
Certification Program

Institute for Mediumship, Psychic, Astrological, and Reiki Training (IMPART)

im•part (v.):  to bestow sacred knowledge upon


NOTE:  For answers to many frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about IMPART Certification Programs, click here.

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Entrance Requirements

In order to be eligible to apply to an IMPART Certification Program, you must complete the Entrance Requirements.

NOTE:  See Certification Program Requirements for explanation of the Entrance Requirements.


Application Process

Following completion of the Entrance Requirements (see section above), the student is eligible to apply for admission to his or her chosen Program(s).

NOTE:  See Certification Program Requirements for explanation of the Application Process.


Admittance into an IMPART Certification Program(s)

Your IMPART Certification Application Form will be reviewed, and you will be informed regarding the status of your acceptance into the Certification Program(s) of your choice.

If you are not admitted, then your Registration Fee will be returned to you in full.

If you are admitted, then . . .

  • You will receive an official IMPART Certification Program notebook.  You are encouraged to use this notebook to store all handouts that are received during your coursework (see later discussion).  Additionally, this notebook will include:
    • A list of Certification Program Requirements (as of the date you have registered).
    • A list of Course Descriptions
    • A blank Worksheet for Certification Requirements, which should be used to keep track of completed coursework and requirements
    • A copy of IMPART’s Policies and Procedures
    • A copy of IMPART’s Code of Ethics

On the date that you pay your Registration Fee and your Application is accepted, you become officially registered with IMPART’s Certification Program.  You then qualify for all tuition discounts and other benefits.

NOTE:  You will have three (3) years from your Registration Date to complete your Program requirements (see later section for details). 



All coursework used to meet Certification Program requirements must be taken with Anne Reith, Ph.D., or with IMPART-authorized faculty members.

In order for a Certification Program requirement to be met, the student must attend the entire class.  The student should not arrive more than 15 minutes late or leave more than 15 minutes before the end of class.

Any courses taken before enrolling in one of IMPART’s Certification Programs will count toward requirements and will not need to be repeated.

All courses can “double count” or “triple count” toward different Certification Programs (e.g., Business 101 will count toward two or more Programs).

Once students are admitted to a Certification Program, then they are automatically enrolled in the Tuesday “Advanced Practice in the Psychic & Healing Arts” class. 

Tuesday classes (“Advanced Practice in the Psychic & Healing Arts”) and Thursday classes (“Psychic Development, Mediumship, & Channeling”) can be taken repetitively for credit; i.e., each time a class is taken (even if the topic is the same), the hours will count toward the Practical Coursework requirement. 

Students may and are encouraged to simultaneously attend the Tuesday evening class (“Advanced Practice in the Psychic & Healing Arts”) and Thursday evening (“Psychic Development, Mediumship, & Channeling”).

For those Certification Programs that require participation in Mediumship class, please note that this topic is offered on the 3rd Thursday of the month during “Psychic Development, Mediumship, & Channeling” class.  If the Program requires that the student attend more than one class, these classes do not need to be attended consecutively (i.e., the student can miss a class and then rejoin at any time).  

For those Certification Programs that require attendance at 1 Channeling class, please note that this class is offered on the 4th Thursday of each month during the “Psychic Development, Mediumship, and Channeling” class.  The student is not required to try channeling; however, he or she must be in attendance for the entire class in order to receive credit for this requirement.

For those Certification Programs that require participation in 1 Development Circle, please note that these Circles occur during the “Advanced Practice in the Psychic and Healing Arts” class, which is taught on Tuesday evenings.  Circles require a 4-month commitment (i.e., a total of 4 meetings).  The student must attend all four (4) sessions in order to receive credit for this requirement. If one session in missed, then the student must attend another Circle.

After a weekend course or workshop has been taken once (e.g., Business 101, Reiki I), it can be retaken for FREE at anytime (i.e., audited).  However, the hours for a repeated weekend course or workshop cannot be counted twice toward a certificate.

All weekend courses (e.g., Business 101, Reiki I) will be offered as often as is possible but availability may be limited.  Therefore, students are strongly encouraged to make necessary arrangements to take these workshops when they are offered, because the frequency of offerings cannot be guaranteed.

If a student claims to have completed a course but IMPART records do not support this claim, then the student may be asked to provide IMPART with either (a) copies of handouts or the manual from each course that was completed or (b) a brief oral or written summary of the contents of each course that exceeds the descriptions provided in written or electronic form (e.g., such as information provided on Anne’s website).

If for any reason a course that is part of your curriculum is no longer being offered, an alternative course will be determined in consultation with IMPART faculty members.


Worksheet for Certification Requirements

When admitted into a Certification Program, each student will be provided with a Worksheet for Certification Requirements.

While completing the Certification Program(s), all record keeping is primarily the responsibility of the student.  Some coursework will be tracked by IMPART (e.g., weekend courses such as Reiki, Business 101), but weekday classes (e.g., Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings) will not be tracked and are the responsibility of the Certification student.

Students are encouraged to be very careful in the care of their Worksheet for Certification Requirements.  If it is lost, it will be the student’s responsibility to complete a new Worksheet and fill in all information.


Tuition & Expenses

All tuition is the sole responsibility of the student.

Any expenses incurred by an IMPART Certification student as part of their training are the sole responsibility of the student (e.g., books, massage tables).

On most weekend workshops and Development Circles, Certification students are eligible for discounts on tuition.  In order to qualify for these discounts, the student must be a registered IMPART Certification student in good standing (e.g., all previous tuition paid).

IMPART Certification graduates can also attend most weekend workshops and Development Circles at the discounted tuition rate.

If you are an IMPART Certification student in good standing, then the discount will apply even if the course you are registering for is not required for your Certification Program(s).

If you are not an IMPART Certification Program student at the time that you enroll and you decide at a later time to become a Certification student, your tuition will not retroactively be lowered (i.e., no reimbursements will be issued).

If you are an IMPART Certification student and you were given priority seating in a spaced-limited class during the “voting” process, the seat in the class will only be held for you until the deadline listed below for the payment of your fees.  If you haven’t paid by this date (or made the first payment in a payment plan), then you will be moved to the wait list for that class and enrollment will be on a space-available basis.

Payment plans are available for certain courses.

No scholarships or grants are currently offered.

Prices for all workshops and courses are subject to change without notice.

Tuition is non-refundable for completed coursework.  (See Registration Policies & Procedures on Anne’s website for information about cancellations or missed classes.)


Time Limit for Completion of Program(s)

All students are to complete their Certification Program requirements within three (3) years of the date of registration.  If a Program is not completed within this 3-year limit, then the student’s Certification Status will be changed from “Active” to “Inactive.”

If circumstances beyond their control have prevented them from completing their Program within the 3-year limit, then they can petition for an extension.


Inactive Status & Reapplication to IMPART Certification Program

Any students with an “Inactive” status will not be eligible for tuition discounts or other benefits that are provided to “Active” students or “Graduates” of the Certification Programs.

If students wish to reapply in the future, they are free to do so as long as they were a student in good standing at the time they left the program (e.g., all tuition has been paid, compliance with Code of Ethics).  Readmitted students will be required to (a) submit a new Application Form, (b) pay a new Registration Fee, and (c) complete all of the requirements for the Certification Program at the time of readmission.


Program Advising

Students are strongly encouraged to speak regularly with the IMPART Certification Program Adviser in order to (a) make sure you understand the requirements and (b) make sure you are on track to completing your Program(s).

When meeting with the IMPART Program Adviser, please bring your IMPART Certification Worksheet.  All courses taken thus far should be listed on the Worksheet by the student before the meeting occurs.


Final Review & Completion of Program(s)

When you believe that all coursework/hours have been completed, you are to provide a copy of your completed IMPART Certification Program Worksheet to the IMPART Certification Program Adviser, who will review the Worksheet.  Once the Program Adviser has confirmed that all coursework and requirements have been completed, then you will receive your official Certificate of Completion from IMPART and be designated as a IMPART Certification “Graduate.”

Students can complete one program and continue working on additional programs.


Being Listed on the Online Directory of “IMPART Certified Practitioners”

After the completion of an IMPART Certification Program, you are eligible to be listed on the online Directory of IMPART Certified Practitioners in your chosen specialty.  The description of your services and your photo will be used to advertise your services on Anne’s website.

In order to be included in the online Directory, you must do the following:

  • Be in good standing with IMPART (e.g., comply with IMPART’s Code of Ethics)
  • Provide a description of your services, including type of services provided, location served, and contact information
  • Provide a high quality “head shot” (preferably taken from a professional photographer)

Once you are added to the online Directory of IMPART Certified Practitioners, updates can be made at any time.  Although occasional courtesy reminders will be sent, it is the sole responsibility of the Practitioner to regularly review the information listed on the Directory for accuracy (e.g., contact information, training).

NOTE:  For the first year, you are eligible to be included on Anne’s website as an IMPART Certified Practitioner free of charge. 

NOTE:  If you elect to continue being included on Anne’s website after the one year, you will be required to pay a renewal fee (see below). 

NOTE:  You can remain on Anne’s website for the duration of its existence, assuming your Renewal Fee is paid (see below).  However, IMPART has the right to remove the practitioner from the site if they are (a) found to be in violation of IMPART’s Code of Ethics or (b) fail to respond when updates for information are requested.  


Renewal Fee for Online Directory Listing

If you elect to be added to the online Directory of IMPART Certified Practitioners (see above), there will be a Renewal Fee due every year on the anniversary of your addition to the website.  This fee is currently $100, but is subject to change without notice.

A few weeks before your renewal date, you will be contacted in order to (a) confirm that you would like to continue your listing on the website and (b) update the description of your services and your contact information, if needed.  If we cannot contact you for some reason or payment of your Renewal Fee has not been received, then your listing will be removed; however, your listing can be reinstated at any time simply by paying your Renewal Fee in full and providing updated information.


Verification of Completion to Outside Agencies

Following the completion of your Certification, IMPART will keep copies of your Application Form (showing fees that have been paid) and a copy of your completed Worksheet for Certification Requirements (indicating specific coursework that was completed).  IMPART will also record when your Certificate was completed.  If we have a written request from you, this information can be used to verify your history with IMPART in the event that we are contacted by an outside agency.

NOTE:  Letters of recommendation are not included as part of this verification service.



IMPART reserves the right to change any policies or procedures, and all new policies and procedures are applicable to currently enrolled as well as prospective students.

The Healer Certification Program has an age limit of 18 years or older because the program requires that the student become a Reiki Master or Karuna Reiki Master, which is only taught to those 18 or older.

All students and faculty must agree to follow IMPART’s Code of Ethics.

Although students may feel they are making progress toward the completion of the required number of hours of coursework, other non-tangible requirements are also being assessed by the faculty of IMPART (e.g., adherence to ethical standards, progress in skills, interpersonal skills).  If a student does not meet these non-tangible requirements, they will be told this and provided with an opportunity for improvement.  If improvement is not noted, then IMPART has the right, at any time, to discontinue the certification process.  If this happens, then 50% of the student’s initial Registration Fee will be refunded.  Tuition for all completed coursework will be non-refundable.


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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.