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FULL MOON IN CANCER – Plus a peek at 2015 according to astrology and numerology (January 4, 2015)


As I do at the beginning of each year, I will cover (1) the Full Moon in Cancer, (2) an overview of what’s coming up astrologically in 2015, and (3) the year 2015 from a numerological perspective. May 2015 bring you and yours much abundance and peace! Happy New Year!! Full Moon in Cancer In […]

Channeled Message-Darkness cannot exist where there is Light and advice for Lightworkers

Greetings!  We are Anne’s Council of 12, and we are a group of non-physical entities that work with Anne. We are here today to elaborate on a topic that we recently addressed when Anne was channeling in one of her Channeling classes.  Because of the amazing efforts of the Lightworkers who are present on Earth […]

Channeled message from St. Theresa about humanity’s changes (as channeled by Rev. Margaret McCormick)

Rev. Margaret McCormick

Those who attend my monthly Channeling class in Santa Ana, California, are aware of the amazing channeling abilities of Rev. Margaret McCormick.  Over 5 years ago, Margaret came to me already very skilled in channeling; she sought my support to learn how to channel in public.  She now channels beautifully for all of us during […]

Reincarnation, past lives, lives between lives, and future lives – Useful definitions

When talking about reincarnation or past lives, other terms (e.g., futures lives, lives between lives, life scripts) often come up.  What I have found is that different authors may use different definitions for these terms, so I thought I should explain what I mean by these terms when I use them in my blogs, ebooks, […]

Do you need to eat a certain diet to be a psychic, medium, or healer (e.g., vegetarian, vegan)?

This blog is a continuation of a discussion from two previous blogs: (1) Can I be a psychic, a medium, or a healer if I consume caffeine or if I use cigarettes, alcohol, or other drugs? and (2) Antidepressants (or antianxiety medications) and your psychic connection 101. In this blog, I ‘d like to address […]

What is channeling and are there different types of channeling?

Channeling Class with Anne Reith, Ph.D. in Orange County CA

I want to begin by acknowledging that channeling, perhaps more than most metaphysical topics, is often misunderstood.  Some people don’t want anything to do with channeling because they believe it is “weird,” “scary,” or even “evil.”  I was actually one of these people; I found the idea of channeling “scary” . . . until I […]

Can I be a psychic, a medium, or a healer if I consume caffeine or if I use cigarettes, alcohol, or other drugs?

This blog post is actually a follow-up to the post Antidepressants (or antianxiety) medication and your psychic connection 101.  When I published that post, I was asked by several people to address whether or not it is “OK” to (a) consume caffeine, (b) smoke cigarettes, and/or (c) use alcohol or other drugs.  This is a […]

Am I channeling or just psychically connected?

Channeling Class with Anne Reith, Ph.D. in Orange County CA

After posting the channeled message from my Council of 12 What Lightworkers need to know about the death of Osama bin Laden, I’ve been asked by several people to explain what channeling is. Channeling and psychic communication are similar in that messages are being received from non-physical beings that are not part of our current […]

How to help souls cross to the light

I find it an amazing gift to assist souls to cross to the light. When someone dies, their soul may choose to not cross to the light, usually because they are concerned about loved ones who will be left behind.  Their guides continue to encourage them to cross to the light; however, after a period […]

Antidepressants (or antianxiety) medications and your psychic connection 101

I was recently asked if taking prescription medications to treat depression (or anxiety) would interfere with psychic work or mediumship.  There are many (often divergent) opinions about this topic.  Here is what my guides have asked me to convey to you. They want me to begin by explaining two things: Being very depressed (or anxious) […]

Mediums and Psychics-How Are They the Same and Different?

I am often asked how mediums are different than psychics.  I wish I could say that there is one “generally agreed to answer” to this question.  To a large extent, I have found that the answer will depend on the area in which you are located (e.g., area within the United States, which country). The […]

Ouija Boards-6 Tips for Improving Psychic Skills and Readings

I’ve recently been asked by two different students if they “should” use Ouija boards for psychic readings.  They both had heard that this psychic tool could connect you with dark or evil energies.  One person had heard that in order to use it, you had to put out salt or water nearby to protect the […]

Welcome to the blog of Anne Reith and the Institute of Mediumship, Psychic, Astrological, and Reiki Training (IMPART)!

1.      Who am I? My name is Anne Reith, and I am a teacher, author, psychic, medium, and healer.  I am the Founder and Director of the Institute of Mediumship, Psychic, Astrological, and Reiki Training (IMPART).  In addition to teaching classes on metaphysical topics, I am a Law of Attraction coach.  And although my license […]