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How to create a spiritual practice that’s right for you

As with so many things, there is no “one right way” to integrate a “spiritual practice” into your life.  There’s only “the right way” for you.  And keep in mind that your “way” will likely change over time as you change. The goal of any spiritual practice is to create a regular routine of actions […]

FULL MOON IN CANCER – Plus a peek at 2015 according to astrology and numerology (January 4, 2015)


As I do at the beginning of each year, I will cover (1) the Full Moon in Cancer, (2) an overview of what’s coming up astrologically in 2015, and (3) the year 2015 from a numerological perspective. May 2015 bring you and yours much abundance and peace! Happy New Year!! Full Moon in Cancer In […]

Channeled Message-Darkness cannot exist where there is Light and advice for Lightworkers

Greetings!  We are Anne’s Council of 12, and we are a group of non-physical entities that work with Anne. We are here today to elaborate on a topic that we recently addressed when Anne was channeling in one of her Channeling classes.  Because of the amazing efforts of the Lightworkers who are present on Earth […]

FULL MOON IN ARIES-Going where no human has gone before (October 11, 2011)

This Full Moon finds the Sun in Libra in opposition (180°) to the Moon in Aries.  To further clarify how this Full Moon in Aries will impact you on a personal level, locate 19° of Aries and 19° of Libra in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with those two houses are going to be […]

How to create an energetic grid for protection and/or empowerment

Energetic grids can be created to protect and empower a space: Protect a space from unwanted energy coming into the area (e.g, rooms in a home or office, rooms being used by psychics/mediums/channelers, rooms being used by healers, hotel rooms when traveling). Empower or energize a space with energy that has certain qualities (e.g., energy […]

Channeled message from St. Theresa about humanity’s changes (as channeled by Rev. Margaret McCormick)

Rev. Margaret McCormick

Those who attend my monthly Channeling class in Santa Ana, California, are aware of the amazing channeling abilities of Rev. Margaret McCormick.  Over 5 years ago, Margaret came to me already very skilled in channeling; she sought my support to learn how to channel in public.  She now channels beautifully for all of us during […]

What are angels and archangels, and do they really have wings?

Do angels really have wings?  I am often asked this question.  Unfortunately, as is the case with so many topics in the field of metaphysics, the answer you receive will depend on who you ask. NOTE:  If the answers below do not “feel right” to you, keep searching. What are angels & archangels? In general […]

Reincarnation, past lives, lives between lives, and future lives – Useful definitions

When talking about reincarnation or past lives, other terms (e.g., futures lives, lives between lives, life scripts) often come up.  What I have found is that different authors may use different definitions for these terms, so I thought I should explain what I mean by these terms when I use them in my blogs, ebooks, […]

Do you need to eat a certain diet to be a psychic, medium, or healer (e.g., vegetarian, vegan)?

This blog is a continuation of a discussion from two previous blogs: (1) Can I be a psychic, a medium, or a healer if I consume caffeine or if I use cigarettes, alcohol, or other drugs? and (2) Antidepressants (or antianxiety medications) and your psychic connection 101. In this blog, I ‘d like to address […]

What is channeling and are there different types of channeling?

Channeling Class with Anne Reith, Ph.D. in Orange County CA

I want to begin by acknowledging that channeling, perhaps more than most metaphysical topics, is often misunderstood.  Some people don’t want anything to do with channeling because they believe it is “weird,” “scary,” or even “evil.”  I was actually one of these people; I found the idea of channeling “scary” . . . until I […]

What is muscle testing (aka applied kinesiology)?

Muscle testing techniques (also known as “Applied Kinesiology”) are now being used within the alternative medicine fields to diagnose and determine a course of treatment.  It is believed that these techniques can provide feedback on the functional status of the body, as well as provide feedback on mental and emotional states. Why would these techniques […]

What is Reiki?

Anne Reith, PhD Reiki and Karuna Reiki Training, Orange County

Reiki (which is usually pronounced “RAY-kee”) is a form of “energetic” healing.  The word Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “spiritually guided life force energy.”  This means that the source of healing energy is God/Source/Spirit, but it is ultimately God/Source/Spirit that uses the energy for the highest good of the recipient. Because the energy used […]

Which deceased loved ones come through during mediumship sessions?

When seeing a medium (or sometimes known as a psychic medium), often clients will have one “longed for” deceased loved one that they want to connect with.  And during most mediumship sessions, this deceased loved one will come through.  When I am conducing a mediumship session, I always tell my client to take a little […]

Can I be a psychic, a medium, or a healer if I consume caffeine or if I use cigarettes, alcohol, or other drugs?

This blog post is actually a follow-up to the post Antidepressants (or antianxiety) medication and your psychic connection 101.  When I published that post, I was asked by several people to address whether or not it is “OK” to (a) consume caffeine, (b) smoke cigarettes, and/or (c) use alcohol or other drugs.  This is a […]

Saying goodbye to our beloved pets & The Rainbow Bridge

I write this post today with great sadness in my heart because I had to say a final goodbye to my sweet cat Yoda.  She came into my life over 16 years ago when I mentioned to a vet my readiness to adopt a cat.  He said they had one that would benefit from my […]