Channeling Classes in Orange County, California

Channeling 101 and Channel Panel

Instructor:  Anne Reith, Ph.D.

Channeling Class with Anne Reith, Ph.D. in Orange County CAWhat Is Channeling?

When channeling, we are giving permission for a spiritual entity to use our vocal cords to communicate directly with others on the Earth plane.  Connecting with Source energy in such an intimate way is an experience that is difficult to describe . . . words like joy, love, and bliss don’t do it justice.

One of the most famous channelers in the past was the trance-channeler Edgar Casey.  Today, there are many excellent channelers, including one of Anne’s favorite’s, Esther Hicks, who is a conscious channel for the group of entities known as Abraham.

Anne has been teaching conscious channeling (also known as voice channeling) since 2002.

NOTE:  First-time students receive a FREE handout on psychic protection. (Click here to review Anne’s ebook Psychic Protection 101).


What is Typically Covered During Dr. Anne’s Channeling 101 and Channel Panel Class

This Channeling 101 & Channel Panel class includes:

  • A lecture on channeling (e.g., what is channeling, how is it done, what entities can be expected, how to protect yourself when channeling)
  • A special guided meditation is provided that is designed to increase the student’s ability to serve as a conscious channel
  • Anne will assist those who have been pre-approved to “sit in the channeling chair” (see NOTE below)

For much more information on Channeling, please click here to review Anne’s ebook Channeling 101.


Additional Information About the Channeling 101 and Channel Panel Class 


No previous knowledge about channeling required!

  • Everyone is welcome to attend this Channeling 101 & Channel Panel class.  No one is ever pushed to try channeling. 
  • Many people attend this very popular class simply to be in the very high vibrational energy and hear the powerful messages that are brought through by more experienced channelers. 
  • Most Channeling 101 & Channel Panel classes conclude with Anne channeling one of the entities that have chosen to use her as a channel (e.g., Mother Mary, St. Peter, her Council of 12).
  • In order to “sit in the channeling chair,” you must be placed on a pre-approved Channel Panel List, which requires that you must (a) have previously attended one of Anne’s Channeling 101 classes (including the lecture) and (b) have previously attended additional classes taught by Anne.  Requests to be added to the Channel Panel List must be received at least 48 hours in advance of the Channeling 101 & Channel Panel class (
  • Inclusion on the Channel Panel List does not mean you will be required to channel on a specific evening.


Anne Reith PhD Channeling ClassBasic Structure of Dr. Anne’s Thursday Evening Classes

The Channeling 101 & Channel Panel class is part of Anne’s Psychic Development, Mediumship, and Channeling class, which meets on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Thursdays of each month.   The outline below is the structure of the Thursday evening class:

  • 1st THURSDAYS:  PSYCHIC SKILL DEVELOPMENT.  Class time includes practice using a skill or tool to connect with angels, guides, and ascended master (e.g., Jesus, Buddha).  Topics vary each month (e.g., clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, angels & archangels, perceiving auras, psychometry, tarot, runes, crystals, psychic protection).
  • 2nd THURSDAYS:  LECTURE/DEMO SERIES.  These classes focus on topical presentations relevant to psychics, mediums, healers (e.g., channeling, dream interpretation, pendulums, past lives, muscle testing, Law of Attraction).
  • 3rd THURSDAYS:  MEDIUMSHIP Class time includes practice and short lectures on various topics relevant to mediumship (e.g., how long before you can connect, what do deceased loved ones “look” like, how do they spend their time on the other side, what can we do if they aren’t at peace yet).


Here’s What Anne’s Students Have To Say About the Channeling 101 Classes

“I cannot extol the benefits of Anne’s Psychic Development classes and workshops enough. If you find yourself on a spiritual path or are merely interested in various subjects, I would highly recommend these classes. She presents them in a way that gives each person a chance to participate, take an active part, and have questions answered. Besides learning, you find yourself making many new friends with like interests. Because of these classes and Anne’s help and support, I have been able to take my written channeling to a new level . . . channeling live before the class. This has been a huge step for me, and I will be forever grateful.” (M.M., Huntington Beach, California)

AMAZING!!!! I must say that I have not had a strong desire for channeling and even mentioned to my husband and friends that I felt it was not for me. Well last night was a huge game changer. I was very moved by all the messages brought forth and there was not one that wasn’t for me.  I am feeling so blessed today to have been in class last night and glad that I went. I am so glad that I stayed firm in my commitment to go to class last night because it was amazing.” (R.B. Anaheim, CA)

For more information about Anne’s classes, see additional Reviews of what Anne’s students have to say about her Channeling Classes, FAQ’s About Classes & Workshops, and Anne’s Calendar.


Anne Reith PhD ChannelingRegistration Information for Dr. Anne’s Channeling 101 and Channel Panel Class

DATE:   Thursday, August 13, 2020

TIME:  7:00-9:30 p.m.

PREREQUISITE:  Everyone is welcome to attend and hear the wonderful messages delivered to us during this Channeling 101 & Channel Panel class!  However, students will need pre-approval from Anne before attempting to channel.  See information above about being place on the pre-approved Channel Panel List.

REGISTRATION:  Preregistration is not required for this class.  All forms of payment are accepted at the door.  For more information, feel free to contact us at or (714) 599-0017.

TUITION:  $30  (Discount to $25/class available when purchase package of 4 classes.  Click here for details about IMPART Vouchers.)

LOCATION: Impart Wisdom and Wellness Center, 540 N. Golden Circle Drive, Suite 108, Santa Ana, California



  1. For more information about all of Anne’s classes, feel free to explore FAQ’s About Classes and Workshops.
  2. Reiki training classes are recommended by Anne for her students who are interested in learning how to channel because Reiki will often “jump start” channeling abilities.


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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.