Connecting with Your Angels & Guides

Connecting with Your Angels and Guides

Instructor:  Anne Reith, Ph.D.

Discover how “the other side” is organized and how it works!

Did you know that we all have guardian angels, spirit guides, animal guides, angels, archangels, ascended masters, and deceased loved ones who want to help us with day-to-day tasks?  We really do!  And they truly do want to assist all of us as we fulfill our life’s purpose.

However, due to the Law of Free Will, we have to ask for their assistance through prayer. It also helps if we can learn how to receive Divine communication from our “spiritual helpers.”  Anne has found that our ability to communicate with spiritual entities is greatly enhanced when we understand how “the other side is organized” and who we are communicating with.

This workshop is designed to help you know who our “target audience” is when communicating with Spirit, and hopefully you will become better acquainted with some of the angels and guides that surround you every day!


Come spend an afternoon having fun while:

  • Exploring the differences between these types of entities (e.g., angels, archangels, guides, ascended masters, nature/earth spirits, deceased loved ones)
  • Getting to know your “spiritual helpers” for the first time or deepen your relationship with them
  • Learning how to communicate with them effectively
  • Discovering what your guides and angels can do to help you (and what they can’t do)
  • Using a variety of techniques to accomplish these goals, including a manual, lecture, discussion, guided meditation, metaphysical “tools” (e.g., angel cards), and a whole lot more!


  • A special guided mediation designed to connect you with one or more of your guides
  • Time to practice giving brief readings to others
  • An extensive 30-page manual, including descriptions of the 16 primary archangels
  • 6 hours of in-person instruction with time for questions

REPEAT THE WORKSHOP FOR FREE:  Students who have previously taken (i.e., paid for) this workshop with Anne are welcome to sit in for FREE.  We will need to confirm your attendance in our database.  Once confirmed, you must let us know that you plan to attend, and you will be responsible for bringing your manual with you.  (NOTE:  If you need a new manual, you can purchase for a minimal fee.)


Here’s What Students Are Saying About
Anne’s “Connecting with Your Angels & Guides” Class

“The information provided in this workshop really helped me understand and de-clutter all the spiritual entities on the other side.  It was nice to learn about the hierarchy and how many ‘peeps’ we really have on the other side that are really willing to help us.  Great class!”  (L.M., Orange, California)  5 stars

“The way that Anne presented the class provided me with confirmation I really needed about my angel guide.  Wow…very emotional.  I asked for confirmation again and got two more confirmations immediately.”  (U.V. Coto de Caza, California) 5 stars

“The information was presented thoroughly.  What I like best is the laughter and love that Anne injects into her workshops.”  (S.G. Cypress, California)  5 stars


DATE: The next date is currently being selected. To provide input regarding the date of this and other IMPART classes, please be sure to join Anne’s Online Community.  In the meantime, please check Anne’s Calendar regularly.

TIME:  Noon-6:00 p.m.

PREREQUISITE:  None! (Beginning, intermediate, & advanced students are welcome!)


  • $140
  • Optional Payment Plans**
    • 2 payments of $75
    • 3 payments of $55

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  • You may select the dates on which the payments are to be made.
  • Registration in the class is not confirmed until you have provided either (a) post-dated checks or (b) credit card authorization.
  • It is expected that all payments will be made before the class date.

**Payment plans include an administration fee

REGISTRATION: Preregistration is required! To register, contact us at (714) 599-0017 or email us at to register.

LOCATION:  Impart Wisdom and Wellness Center, 540 N. Golden Circle Drive, Suite 108, Santa Ana, CA



  1. This workshop is REQUIRED for all IMPART Psychic and Medium Certification students.
  2. This workshop and Psychic Development 101: The Clairs are both strongly recommended for ALL students of psychic development, mediumship, and the healing arts.
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  5. To learn more about Anne’s classes, see FAQ’s About Classes & Workshops and Anne’s Calendar.


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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.