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Welcome to Impart Wisdom & Wellness Center’s Metaphysical Store
Located in the Santa Ana-Tustin Area of Orange County

What kinds of products do we carry at the Impart Wisdom & Wellness Center’s On-site Metaphysical Store?

Watch the video below of Dr. Anne Reith discussing the specific metaphysical supplies and tools that can be used to enhance your sessions.

Oracle Card Decks
Oracle Card decks available at center (4)
We carry 17
different oracle card decks by Doreen Virtue and several decks by Collette Baron Reid, Steven Farmer, and others! Topics include angels, archangels, ascended masters, animals, fairies, mermaids & dolphins, saints, unicorns, and many more!
PRICE:  $20 (tax included)

Tarot Card Decks
Tarot Card decks available at center
We carry both traditional tarot decks (e.g., Rider Waite, Robin Wood, Hanson Roberts) & non-traditional tarot decks (e.g., Doreen Virtue, John Holland), including Doreen Virtue’s newest tarot deck Archangel Power Tarot Cards.
PRICE:  $25 (tax included)

Largest Selection of PendulumsOur metaphysical store has one of the largest collections of pendulums in the Southern California area. Come let your pendulum pick you!  We offer pendulums made of amethyst, aqua aura, carnelian, citrine, chakra stones (clear and pointed), clear quartz, fluorite, golden aura quartz, green aventurine, hematite, lapis lazuli, metal (e.g., copper, gold, silver), moonstone, moss agate, red jasper, rose quartz, sardonyx, sea fossil jasper, smokey quartz, snow quartz, sunstone, tanzanite quartz, tiger’s eye, sodalite, unakite, yellow aventurine.
PRICE RANGE:  $20 to $30 (tax included)

JewelryMetaphysical jewelry available at our Metaphysical store in Santa Ana, CA

Pendants:  We carry over 30 different types of pendants including amethyst, aqua aura, black tourmaline, blue lace agate, carnelian, citrine, clear quartz, fluorite, green aventurine, hematite, kyanite, lapis lazuli, malachite, red jasper, rose quartz, snow quartz, tiger’s eye, selenite, sodalite, and many more!
PRICE RANGE:  $10 to $35 (tax included)
Earrings: We carry several different types of earrings, including amethyst, black tourmaline, carnelian, citrine, clear quartz, fluorite, lapis lazuli, and rose quartz.
PRICE RANGE:  $20 to $40 (tax included)

9 Chakra Crystal & Stone Kits

9 Chakra Crystals and Stones KitEach Kit includes: 9 crystals representing the primary chakras (i.e., red jasper, carnelian, citrine, green aventurine, rose quartz, sodalite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, clear quartz), an interpretive / instructional guide, & an organza bag.
PRICE:  $15 (tax included)



Crystals & StonesIMG_0014

Polished & Rough:  We carry larger pieces of polished and rough crystals and stones including amethyst, aqua aura, black tourmaline, citrine, clear quartz, elestial quartz, fluorite, kyanite, lapis lazuli, malachite, spirit quartz, rose quartz, sodalite, tiger’s eye, & many others!
PRICE RANGE:  $5 to $35 (tax included)
Pedestals:  We also have a wide variety of pedestals in various sizes.  These include clear quartz, clear quartz channeling, clear phantom quartz, & selenite.
PRICE RANGE:  $10 to $35 (tax included)

Loose Crystals & Stones
Crystal and Stones - Loose
We have a selection of loose crystals & stones including amethyst, carnelian, citrine, clear quartz, green aventurine, hematite, red jasper, rose quartz, sodalite, & tiger’s eye. Includes a FREE organza bag & FREE interpretative card with each crystal or stone purchased.
PRICE:  $1 per stone (tax included)


Healing Wands
Healing wands can be used to clear, add, or enhance the energy used during healing sessions.  We carry several different types, including carnelian, clear quartz, fluorite, kyanite, labradorite, rose quartz, selenite, sodalite, and tiger’s eye.
PRICE RANGE:  $10 to $35 (tax included)

Dr. Anne Reith’s CD’s

GuidedMeditationPsychicDevCover10-20-13  Akashic Records Guided Meditation by Anne Reith, Ph.D.  Past Live Regression Guided Meditation by Anne Reith, Ph.D.  Lives Between Lives: Guided Meditation Anne Reith, Ph.D.

We carry CD’s of Anne’s most popular guided meditations: 

  • Psychic Development: Guided Meditation
  • Trip to the Akashic Records: Guided Meditation
  • Past Life Regression: Guided Meditation
  • Lives Between Lives: Guided Meditation

FREE MP3 download available for all in-store purchases. (NOTE:  For those who prefer a digital download or for those who live outside of Southern California, you can access these recordings in our e-commerce store at
PRICE:  $15 (or 2 for $25) (tax included)

Energetic Gridding Kits

Gidding_Kit_Green_Aventurineda6281  Gridding Directions (Side 1)

This new product has become one of our most popular!  Each kit includes 3 gridding crystals or stones, FREE interpretive card for each type of crystal or stone, FREE organza bag, and FREE Gridding Directions Card.  10 different kit types are available: amethyst, carnelian, citrine, clear quartz, green aventurine, hematite, red jasper, rose quartz, sodalite, & tiger’s eye.
PRICE:  $5 per kit (discounts on 3 or more kits) (tax included)

Runes Sets

Color of Runes available by Anne Reith, Ph.D.  Rune Interpretations (Side 1)

Handmade & blessed by Anne. Each set of Celtic (AKA Viking) runes includes 25 hand-painted runes, organza bag, & FREE laminated interpretive card (see above).  Many colors available (e.g., blue, clear, green, mixed, orange, yellow).
PRICE:  $20 per set (tax included)

Some of our Best Psychic Development & Holistic Healing Sellers

Virtue-Angel Numbers 101 book  Hay- Heal Your Body Book  Newton- Destiny of Souls Book  Newton-Journey of Souls Book
Best selling books by authors such as Doreen Virtue, Louise Hay, and Michael Newton.
PRICE RANGE:  $10 to &20 (tax included)

Here’s What A Student Has To Say About Our Metaphysical Store:

“My Reiki Master teacher Anne Reith has great classes and cool items in her Metaphysical store. She is one of the sweetest and nicest ladies and an excellent teacher. She is also a Psychologist. Come and join some of our classes down at the Impart and Wisdom Center in Orange, California.”  (Rhonda Baiz via Google+)

Get 60-70% Off in Our “Gently Used” Books, CD’s, & Cards Section
NOTE:  All of the books & products located on the bottom shelves & in-between our bookcases are our “gently used” sections. They are priced at least 60-70% off their original retail price.

We have hundreds of “gently used” metaphysical books, CD’s, & card decks available in the store for typically just $7.00 per item.  The categories of products that we often carry include:

  • Addictions & recovery
  • Astrology
  • Channeling
  • Codependency
  • Divination tools
  • General metaphysical topics
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Holistic Healing
  • Law of Attraction
  • Meditation books and/or CDs
  • Mediumship
  • Personal development
  • Psychic development
  • Psychology
  • Reiki & energy healing
  • Relationships

PRICE:  Most of our “gently used” books, card decks, & single CD’s are $7.00 (tax included)

NOTE:  We receive our used items from many sources, including Dr. Anne’s personal collections and student donations.  We have found that everyone wins when you donate books or other metaphysically-oriented products that you no longer use.  It clears out the clutter for the donor, and it increases the inventory of these items in the store whereby all students can benefit by getting some great deals on products that they resonate with.  If you have any items that you haven’t used in a year or longer and don’t plan to use, please consider donating.  To donate please bring your items to the IWWC during regular business hours or during a class.  For any questions, please call (714) 599-0017 or email

Gift Certificates
If you don’t know what to buy a friend or family member for a birthday of other special occasion, a IWWC Gift Certificate can be the perfect solution!  Our gift certificates are available for any amount and can be used toward any IWWC product or IMPART class/workshop.  No minimums or expiration dates.  They can also be transferred to someone else.
PRICE:  Any amount

Metaphysical Store/Center Hours & Contact Information

  • Weekdays: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 2:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m.  Please be sure to confirm these hours by calling (714) 599-0017 or emailing us at 
  • Evening & Weekend Hours:  Evening and weekend hours can vary depending on class schedules.
  • To find out when you can visit our Center and/or Store, please contact us at or call (714) 599-0017.

Location & Map

Impart Wisdom & Wellness Center
540 N. Golden Circle Drive, Suite #108
Santa Ana, California 92705
(714) 599-0017

Our location is right on the border of Santa Ana and Tustin (in Southern California). 540 Golden Circle Drive is off 4th Street and is located between the 5 and 55 freeways. The building is called The Theme Building. It is a very unique building in that it is round! At night, the building positively glows with white light!

  • We are centrally located, right on the border of Tustin & Santa Ana, within 1 mile of the 5 or 55 freeways.
  • For directions, click on the Red Marker on Map below.

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We specialize in Metaphysical Supplies for Psychics, Mediums and Healers

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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.